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System Integration:

K. D. Systems. for your network provides " A customized integrated solution". We identify the need and specific components to be used, it’s configuration, installation, maintenance and entire comprehensive set of documentation.
We help define the business requirements, identify impacted systems, infrastructure and process and recommend the most cost-effective solution with optimum efficiency or simply help in addition of value to your investments.
We provide short or long technical assistance in the setup and configuration face of network design and deployment. We provide planning, staging, testing, On-site installation and operational verification for network changes and new designs.

Campus Networking

• Structured cabling of Copper and Optical Fiber
• Design and dployment of all types of Ethernet networks
• IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n based Wireless Solution

WAN Connectivity

ISDN, Lease Line, Wireless, V-SAT
Wireless Solutions

Internet and Intranet Solutions

• Remote Access Solutions
• VoIP solutions
IP Telephony, Internet Telephony based on H.323 and SIP
• VPN solutions
Site-to-site, Remote access and Extranet solution

Security architecture and management

Security Audit, Firewall Implementation, Proxy and NAT configuration, Remote access control, Usage logging, Intrusion Detection, Authentication Control

Storage solutions

• Local
• Portable
• Network attached storage
• Storage area Network

Redundancy and High availability Solutions

MS Windows Platform, Sun Solaris and Linux
Mail and messaging solution
POP3, IMAP4 and IRC solution based on MS Exchange server and Sendmail

E-commerce Enabled Backbone Implementation

HTTP and HTTPS server implementation on MS IIS and Apache servers

Network Management System

D-View, Unicenter TNG and HP-Openview

Our services are useful in various ways like:

Structured cabling

Campus cabling is a once-for-all kind of infrastructure. Utmost care is required during installation since present need and future scalability is a vital issue. We can deploy a strong and scalable foundation of your premise to your satisfaction.

WAN connectivity and Remote Access

WAN infrastructure and solutions are meant to reduce cost but if not planned accurately, it often increases the overhead on just maintaining it thus increasing the total cost Of ownership. Our WAN solutions are designed to address both the setup and maintenance.

Wireless Solutions


An effective way to utilize the investment on WAN link. The new generation Voice over packet technology has many things to get highest return on investment. Contact us to know the benefits it can do to you as a firm or an individual.


Information is the key to success and to get informed your business needs to get connected anywhere, anytime. We can show you how VPN can help your business to stay connected.

Network Management System

Reduce your cost of ownership and be in charge of your communication with total control over it.

Network Security

Information is key to success, so, protect your virtual wealth. Since the business requires the information available to right person at right time in your organization, not to your competitors. We can secure you from Viruses and Remote Access Authentication.

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