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Medical Transcription Service Features

  • Medical transcription service - serving both hospital and clinic based Physicians
  • HIPAA compliant, secure and high quality medical transcription service at affordable rates
  • Medical transcription service covering all specialties customized to suit your exact needs
  • Transcripts delivered next day morning (overnight) - 24x7 on-line access to reports from our website.
  • Real value for money, economical, accurate, error free & consistent transcription service
  • Transcription work processed by smart people using cutting edge technologies
  • Medical transcription service from the medical transcription service experts
  • Infrastructure supports toll free number dictations from across USA, Canada, UK and Australia

K. D. Systems provides real value for money, not just because it is economical but also because it is a medical transcription service company which provides accurate, error free and consistent transcription service, every single day. No let ups and no surprises. The reason we have been able to achieve and maintain these high standards is simply because all the transcription work is processed by smart people using cutting edge technologies. Health care facilities of every size turn to K. D. Systems for their medical transcription needs. Outsourcing your transcription needs to K. D. Systems provides a multitude of benefits. K. D. Systems has developed the industry's most innovative medical transcription services, with full word processing and management reporting capabilities. The following are the advantages that K. D. Systems provides to all its customers:

  • Turn Around Time: Overnight - Reports reach you next day morning.
  • No investments: Dictation using our toll free phone in system. No capital investment.
  • No employees: No salaries and associated costs of employment.
  • Competitive pricing: Extremely economical pricing.
  • Professional proofreading: & editing by experienced proofreaders.
  • High quality work: We deliver reports with 99% or higher accuracy levels.
  • Solid Service: Toll free phone and fax number or by email. 24 hours.
  • Excellent Reports: Free daily & monthly patient wise detailed reports.
  • Transparent Counting & Billing: Accurate & verifiable account of all work performed. Our billing practices are designed to make it easy for our customers to scrutinize.


At K. D. Systems, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our entire process is completely secure and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant - from the initial physician dictations to the return of transcribed documents. We use the best practices for handling Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and Medical Transcription, adhering to requirements of HIPAA norms. All client/patient details and medical transcription service related procedures, voice files storage, documented data storage and document management conforms or exceeds HIPAA regulations.

Technical Security Measures to Guard Data Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability

  • All our Computer Systems and Networks are protected by passwords and encryption technologies to provide controlled access and at the same time restrict unauthorized access to our data resources.
  • Our computer systems have active security, automatically monitored 24x7, with automated and real time Network Intrusion Detection mechanisms.
  • We use dedicated toll free lines for Dictation capture whose access numbers are accessible only to our clients.
  • Our Dial-In Dictation Server is secure and a closely guarded system. The fact that only the client knows his / her code for logging into our system for dictation recording is in itself a fact that makes the Server extremely safe in terms of security.
  • Once the files are recorded we use an encryption mechanism, which encrypts the recorded files before they are transmitted through the Internet.
  • The transmission is through secure and dedicated web space solely managed and used by K. D. Systems using a highly secure File Transfer Protocol.

Administrative Procedures to Guard Data Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability

  • All our Computer Systems and Networks are protected by leading edge Anti-Virus Software, Encryption Technologies and Firewalls Solutions.
  • All our computers and networks are configured in a way as to prevent unauthorized viewing, editing, printing, deleting, or copying of any files/data. We have extensive logging and security tools to prevent, detect & restrict all possible security breaches.
  • Our systems are regularly monitored and subjected to internal audits. Technical evaluations are performed on a routine basis to make sure all systems meet specified security requirements as mentioned in our internal policies.
  • Emergency Contingency plans are in effect to facilitate continuity of operations. All the important files and data are backed up on a secure backup facility, as per the established norms at K. D. Systems.
  • We have procedures and policies in place for closing system access to ex-employees. All entry and access rights are removed when an employee parts ways with the company.
  • We have documented policies and procedures for the manipulation, storage, dissemination, transmission, and disposal of protected health information.
  • We have procedures and policies for granting different levels of access to healthcare information for employees.

Physical Safeguards to Guard Data Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability

  • We have our Chief Technology Officer who is responsible for administering healthcare information security procedures.
  • We have procedures in place to manage the use and storage of media within various centers of operation.
  • We have secure entry and exits at work center to prevent unauthorized physical access to information.

Privacy Compliance Measures

  • All persons, administrators and transcriptionists, who have access to any sensitive information, patient records, or voice files, etc. have the appropriate clearances from the management of K. D. Systems to enable them to do their tasks and duties. The company has in place, signed confidentiality, secrecy and non-disclosure agreements with all of them.
  • We regularly provide training to our entire workforce for upgrading their awareness and instill a sense of responsibility towards maintaining privacy, security, and confidentiality.
  • We have policies to handle the destruction and/or de-identification of PHI when a customer contract terminates.
  • Totally fictitious and dummy data is used in the training of employees.

Advantage India

In order to meet the growing international demand for cost-effective, value added services, many organizations worldwide are outsourcing these services from countries like India. India has the following intrinsic strengths, which have made it one of the most favored outsourcing destinations in the world:

  • A booming IT industry with IT strengths recognized across the world.
  • The largest English-speaking population after the USA
  • Labor costs in India are substantially lower than those in the US. Hence an offshore BPO initiative results in savings that translate into increased shareholder value. Moreover, the workforce that carries out back-office processes is more qualified than its western counterpart, resulting in higher service levels in terms of accuracy and productivity.
  • An approximate 12 hour time zone difference allowing for continuous back office operations
  • Bill for the Information Technology Act 2000 was passed in the Indian Parliament in May 2000. The 'IT Bill' brings E-commerce within the purview of law and accords stringent punishments to cyber criminals. With this, India joins a select band of 12 nations that have cyber laws.

Medical Coding and Billing
Are you having problems in getting timely payments as many providers do?
Do you feel that you are loosing your valuable professional time in Billing hassles?
Insurance carriers have proven in being difficult in paying claims. This can be quite challenging, time consuming and costly for any medical establishment.
We are in business implementing a cost effective solution, quality medical billing services with efficiency and accuracy in generating the highest possible rate of reimbursements. Your medical practice can't afford to lose potential income due to claims management.
Let our electronic medical billing service process the challenge of follow-up, resubmission, appeal letters, contacting carriers.
"Our goal is getting YOU paid while saving YOU time and money"
If you succeed, we succeed.
Our charges are percentage based; we get paid only if you get paid.
We feel our approach enriches toward trust and secure client relationships. The medical industry continually changes and grows, so here at K. D. Systems our objectives need to meet the expectations for your medical practice.
K. D. Systems increases revenue for physicians and billing offices by improving and accelerating healthcare reimbursements through the use of proven technologies. K. D. Systems offers local support and management, and integration with the leading EMRs.

We Ensure

  • 7 day week on time electronic medical billing services
  • Personalized service and attention with flexibility
  • Coding services and code analysis updates
  • Flexible hour availability
  • Staying abreast with the latest challenges and changes, insuring HIPAA compliance
  • Tailor services to meet your preferences
  • Claims are scrubbed and submitted virtually error free.
  • Negotiations for specific individual desired needs and services
  • Fee schedule enhancement
  • Personalized service/attention with flexibility
  • Flexible hour availability

Services Offered

  • Electronic and paper claim filling, including secondary/tertiary (within 1 business day of receipt)
  • Government, commercial, private billing (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Patient eligibility verification
  • Dedicated follow-up (within 7 days)
  • Claims are scrubbed and submitted virtually error free
  • Correction and/or resubmission
  • Analysis of CPT coding to insure maximum reimbursement
  • Identify areas where reimbursement can be increased
  • Claims submitted within 48 hours
  • Quick payment turnaround (as little as 9 days)
  • Tracking/claims management
  • Payment posting
  • Managing collections
  • Rejected claim resolution and follow-up on claims older than 45 days
  • Answer and make insurance calls regarding claims and billing
  • Toll-free staff / patient help line
  • Patient inquires
  • Weekly/monthly customized reports
  • Monthly patient statements, soft collections on patient balances
  • Electronic storage of all EOB’s on a secured database for easy access
  • Staff training
  • Custom management reports
  • Help answer any questions concerning billing, reimbursement, coverage, LMRP, per legislation or anything pertaining to your type of practice
  • Database management
  • Analysis and updating of CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS codes
  • Full Accounts Receivable (A/R) management & recovery

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